CURTA Type II No. 522451

December 30, 2022

Fog Machine: Time Machine beta is now ready

TLDR Fog Machine: Source code: Nonsense background story Late last year, a friend and I published the Fog machine project: A 3rd party Fog of World data visualizer/editor. It got more popular than I expected and I became more addicted to Fog of World since then. So I want to build more things. I’ve talked to multiple people about what they want and it seems that the most common things are:...

November 20, 2022

Around the world in six weeks

Since entering Hong Kong in 2021 for my job, I didn’t make much progress in Fog of World. My daily life is mainly a straight line between work <-> home with a few hiking. I just went “moldy” by getting stuck here for so long (maybe also the crazy humidity here). My original plan was to have a long vacation and go back to mainland China early this year, but then there were giant covid waves in both Hong Kong and Shanghai....

June 4, 2022

Introducing [Fog Machine]

A couple of months after the previous episode: A data parser for [Fog of World], we finally released the first version of [Fog Machine], a web tool for visualizing and editing the data of Fog of World App. It is a joint work with @tavimori and this tool wouldn’t exist without the great help from him. To use [Fog Machine], visit: The source code can be found here:

November 7, 2021

A data parser for [Fog of World]

The source code can be found here: I bought an app called Fog of World at the end of last year. I enjoy it a lot and dragged several friends into using the app. Actually, I knew the app and wanted the app when I was in high school. However, its price and the short battery life of mobile devices at that time stopped me. Now, I deeply regret that I didn’t get it earlier....

August 24, 2021

Use Cellular Automata as Blog Background

I actually don’t have the habit of writing blogs. I built the blog only because I brought the domain and didn’t want to waste it. After leaving the blog empty for over a year, I decided to renovate it and maybe write a blog about it. As a guy who is bad at and hate doing front-end stuff, there aren’t much things I can do. So I selected a new theme PaperMod and made some small modifications to make it looks a bit different (mainly the background)....

May 16, 2021